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"Is it, in heav'n, a crime to love too well?" ~ Pope Alexander (1688-1744)

Candle in the Wind

Goodbye England's rose; may you
ever grow in our hearts.
You were the grace that placed itself
where lives were torn apart.
You called out to our country,
and you whispered to those in pain.
Now you belong to heaven, and the
stars spell out your name.
And it seems to me you lived
your life like a candle in the wind:
Never fading with the sunset
when the rain set in.
And your footsteps will always fall here,
along England's greenest hills;
Your candle burned out long before
your legend ever will.
Loveliness we've lost;
these empty days without your smile.
This torch we'll always carry
for our nation's golden child.
And even though we try,
the truth brings us to tears;
All our words cannot express the joy
you brought us through the years.
Goodbye England's rose,
from a country lost without your soul,
Who'll miss the wings of your compassion
more than you'll ever know.


Diana, Princess of Wales, was an extraordinary lady, mother, wife, embassador, and friend. She brought the people to the monarchy and the monarchy to the people. In that process she touched the lives, hearts and souls of so many. She was the best example this society has of unconditional love and acceptance. No matter how poorly she was treated, or how poorly others were treated, she gave respect, support, compassion and understanding. We are all equal in the eyes of the Queen of Hearts.

This lady can never be replaced, and it is better that no one tries. Anyone who tries to be like her will surely fail, there is only one Angel of the Heart, and Diana was and still is, that Angel.

I wish to extend my condolences to Prince William and Prince Harry. Your mother not only was the Queen of Hearts, but she was also an Angel. Her spirit will always be with you. My thoughts, prayers and best wishes are with you both.

My condolences also go out to the Princesses family. I cannot even begin to understand what you must be going through at this time. The circumstances around the death of your beloved just keeps getting more and more tragic. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I wish you strength in the love and support of each other.

My condolences to the Royal family also. You have lost a member of the royal family that cannot ever be replaced. She did all she could to strength the monarchy and for that she gave her life.

If you wish to leave an Official Condolence for the sad loss of Diana, Princess of Wales to the Princes, royal family, and Princess Diana's Family, please go to this site: The British Monarchy.

"The bad end unhappily, the good unluckily. That is what tragedy means."
~ Tom Stoppard

Diana Memorial Fund

A Diana memorial fund has been set up by Palace officials. Money contributed to this fund will be divided between the charities the late Princess of Wales supported.

You can send contributions to:
Diana Memorial Fund
Kensington Palace
London W8 4PU
(United Kingdom)

If I may, I would like to share with you my thoughts and feelings about this tragic event. When I first found out that Princess Diana had been killed in a car accident I cried for her sons. I cried at the thought of a life being taken at such a young age. I cried for the senseless loss of such a unique and vital woman. I cried for the people who's lives and hearts she touched. I cried for the causes that supported because she cannot be replaced and will surely be missed by all.

Then I got mad. I got mad at the photographers that were so ruthlessly following her and were partially responsible for the deaths of three innocent people. I cursed them and wished them bad luck and harm.

I came to my senses and really thought about it. The fact is I feel somewhat guilty myself. I have purchased trash magazines before and because of that I contributed to this tragic event. In my own defense I have never purchased any tabloid about Princess Diana, but I have bought a lot of magazines about her. Maybe some of the photos in those magazines were taken by the same photographers that killed her.

I am human and I am curious. I want to know about people, their lives, their happiness, heartaches, and how they overcome diversity. But I do not want to know these things if it means that someone must loose their lives in the process. I have the right to know, but they have the right to privacy and safety. Privacy and safety outweigh my rights of being nosey.

As for the magazines and tabloids that buy these pictures, they are also partly to blame for this. They had to have known exactly what kind of danger they were putting celebs in. They are not stupid and oblivious to what the photographers do. I also question the TRUTH in the statement that these magazines, tabloid and journal editors have made. That statement is that we, the consumers, want to know these things. Well you know what. I am a consumer, I do want to know some things, but I do not EVER support the invasion of a persons privacy to the extent that some of these people do. I get disgusted when I see tabloids displaying a mothers anguished expression at hearing the death of her child. I don't support it. I wonder if this is what the consumers want or if that is what you want us to believe so that you can sell more papers. I have to think more on that one.

The photographers that contributed to this accident disgust me. It is wonderful that they risked their lives to bring us pictures from the battle fields, I respect them for that. But this is not war, this is everyday life OFF the battle fields. There is NO justification in what they did and I am not interested in their pasts, only what they did on that night. The fact is one or more of the photographers were so heartless and inhuman that instead of calling out for help or running to get help, they stood and took pictures of the dead and dying people in the car. I am disgusted with your behaviour, you are the ones that have to live with those pictures in your heads, because hopefully the rest of us will never seen the looks on the victims faces as you choose to do. I am sure that the Angels that you have created will forgive you long before I will and possibly long before the young Princes will. Remember the look on their mothers face when you look into the faces of those young boys.

As for the fact that the driver was drunk, this is really not good and we can only wait until the bodyguard regains consciousness before we will ever know exactly what that driver did to contribute to the accident in his drunken condition. But do not loose site of the fact that these three people may never have been in an accident that night, even thought their driver was drunk, if those photographers were not pursuing them and flashing their camera lights.

One last thing. I can understand that the media needs to shift more of the blame elsewhere so that they themselves can better cope with their hand in this tragedy, but, even though the Princess had a love hate relationship with the press, she did NOT contribute to her death and the death of her companion and driver. She was cooperative with the press when it came to public events. She even let them into her personal life to a certain extent. She cried out over and over again for them to leave her alone in her privacy, but they choose not to listen to her cries, her begging. I feel I must remind the press that you are there to inform us about events that affect our own lives in some way or another, or the lives of a great many people. Who Diana was dating did not affect anyone's life but her own, her lovers and her children. She used you press they way in which they were meant to be used. The press went way past the limit.

Thank you so much for letting me speak and venting my own anger and concern.

"Nature, we lament because such beauty ends
so quickly. Once we have seen your gifts,
they are immediately taken away.
For only one short day does the rose live;
shortness of youth and length of age are one...

Young ladies, gather rosebuds while both rose
and you are young, for life too soon ends."

~Taken from, "On the Freshly-Blooming Roses" by the 4th c. Roman poet Ausonius
(Thank you for bring this poem to my attention Jenny)

September 6, 1997

I have just finished watching the funeral of England's rose Diana, Princess of Wales. While we were watching the funeral precession I was struck by the fact that people were stating that the speech from the Queen and her appearance outside Buckingham Palace was not enough and that they were disappointed in her reaction. I think people need to understand that the Queen was raised in an environment that was not outwardly very loving or compassionate. It no doubt took a great deal for her to address the nation and to see the people outside the Palace. The Palace was also grieving for the loss of the mother of the future king, and let us not forget that Princess Diana's sons were there and the priority was with them and not the nation, which is as it should have been. People are too impatient now a-days, wanting to be served gold on silver platters at a moments notice.

I was so happy to see that the media did not go Prince William and Prince Harry happy with their coverage and respectfully gave them room to mourn. I cried very much when I saw those two young boys walking behind their mothers casket. In the past we had seen that when they needed strength and a shoulder to cry on, their mother was there to hold their hands, give them a hug, or flash them a reassuring smile. Today we saw two young men walking with their mother in their hearts and looking over their shoulders, protecting them and holding their hearts. Two brave young men who now have the weight of the world on their fragile shoulders. I hope that the media gives them the respect and room that they needs so very much to grieve, and find a way to go on with their duties and discover their new positions in the family. Their lives have changed forever more and they need support, not harassment.

I listened with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart to the speech that Earl Spencer gave at the funeral for his beloved sister and mother to his two nephews. I believe that he made his speech very respectfully and tactfully said everything he felt a need to say. As for people saying that perhaps his speech was a bit harsh on the royal family, I remind you that Diana endured countless public humilities at the hands of the royal family, and they have had to endure only a few minutes from Princess Diana's. I feel the speech spoke truth and was appropriate. The royal family cannot hide from all the horrible mistakes they made in the past in relation to Princess Diana, and they should not be able too. They support the fact that people need to take responsibility for their own actions life, if they truly believe this, then they need to take responsibility for their disgraceful treatment of a woman that wanted so much for the monarchy to grow and thrive and be loved and endeared by all. She truly wanted a better monarchy for her sons and for the people. This is not a new feeling for me in particular to feel anger with the monarchy about this treatment, I have felt this way for a very long time. I don't want to come across as being cold towards the royal family, their lives are VERY complicated and not fully their own. Their advisors need an awakening and it seems to me that the Princesses family, the British people, and people from all over the world, have sent out a very strong message. The people want them to change, its time to stop fighting it, accept it, and learn to cope, grow and thrive. Don't judge Earl Spencer poorly for his remarks today, he spoke from his heart, he said what he felt he needed to say, he represented his family and hers in such a way that he felt his sister would have wanted. There should be no throwing of stones at the mourner who speaks the truth from his heart.

One thing that struck me as so horribly sad was that fact that Princess Diana will not be buried with her father or other family members, instead she will be buried alone on the Island located on the Spencer property. Maybe I need some time to really reflect on this. Maybe it is not as horrible as I think it is at this particular moment. She wanted so much to belong and be loved in life, so often she felt so horribly alone, and now in death she lays alone. Did we bring this upon her? Did we take away her right to be buried with the people who truly loved her and whom she loved? Can we not as a united group of people at least have agreed on letting the Princess rest in peace? At this moment, this thought saddens me beyond words.

I pray that the family and friends of Princess Diana will be able to grieve and heal in peace and respectful support. I hope that others will work very hard at keeping her memory alive and her charity work honourable. Above all, I pray for her two lovely boys, that they are able to come to peace with their mothers death and heal in an environment that respects, supports, loves and understands them.

To the flame that blew away...

You will be a legend that will never be forgotten,
And you will glow within our hearts for eternity.
You were Princess that we never met,
But you burnt our hearts with sorrow when you left us.
It’s like the day without the sun,
The night without the moon and the stars,
And a life without a soul,
You will shine bright above all the heavens
Because you were Princess of the people
And the Angel of our hearts……..
We love you.

~From – Ibrahim & Shramila And the rest of Sri lanka

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"All for love, and nothing for reward."
~ Edmund Spenser (1522-1599)

I have found that some people have plagerized my thoughts and I am deeply offended by this act. It saddens me beyond words that people would take advantage of this sad time. I am sure that some people have not intended to do this and are unaware of thier mistakes. I request that if you wish to quote me, please give me credit for my own thoughts and feelings. You may share the same feelings and thoughts with me, but we all express these things differently.

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