Are you interested in a web page that will set you apart from all the others by displaying your products and services in a standard of excellence? Web Designs by Starla™ recognizes your desire to continuously grow and succeed in this ever increasingly competitive world of business.

I am dedicated to providing services that meet your standard of excellence in design, development, advertising and training. At Web Designs by Starla™, I empower you with Internet knowledge in the areas of email, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and Internet navigation. Because I emphasize your company's strengths and uniqueness, your web page will be designed to be the most successful and valuable advertising tool that you possess. In working as a team with you, we can ensure the success of your site and your continued success and growth as a company.

Web Page Designs by Starla™ is a complete solution to getting your page up and running at a standard of excellence that you and your customers have come to expect. I take care of all aspects of establishing your Internet connection, needs analysis and planning, web design and construction, testing and development, and registration with over 500 search engines as well as Internet training and support.




Internet Access

The first step to success is to get connected to the Internet. Once you are connected you will have an email address, FTP access and the ability to research any topic for your business or personal use. When you open the door to surfing the World Wide Web (WWW), you open the doors to success, profit, education and entertainment.

In Sault Ste. Marie, we have two local providers that you can contact to get information. Soonet at 254-4700 and SSM Online at 254-6737. Both providers offer access, hosting and training. Ican and Bell Canada also provide Internet services but are not locally based.


Needs Analysis and Planning

Web Designs by Starla™ works with you to assess your business needs. The planning stage will determine what business strengths to emphasize and how to bring out the best in what your business has to offer its customers.

After analysis, the planning stage consists of such questions as:


Web Design and Construction

Web Designs by Starla™ is committed to keeping your site up to date with the latest technologies. If you do not have your own graphics available, I can either scan existing pictures you have at your office, or create unique graphics for your web page. Design creativity as well as graphical expression are key components to making your page stand out from the others and creates repeat visitors. Some home pages are successful in presenting your material in one or two pages, but others may be more complex and require multiple pages, hypertext links, tables, forms and graphics.

The construction process consists of:

  1. Creating the page on paper and making any spelling or grammatical changes necessary. This includes any written messages from you that you want included on your page.
  2. Scanning or creating graphics for the page, making any adjustments to size, colour, texture, or speed that are necessary for a quick loading and easily navigated page.
  3. After the text and graphic components are completed, the site is created using HTML coding (Hyper Text Markup Language).
  4. The page is then tested making sure all the HTML tags, text, links, email addresses, javascripting and graphics are accurate and working properly.
  5. The site is then ready to be released and is uploaded to your provider where it is rechecked for any errors. You are given the address to critique the page and make sure it is what you envisioned. After your standard of excellence is achieved, the site is ready to be released to your customers.



Broadcasting your web site is essential to its success. Web Designs by Starla's™ services include broadcasting your web site to all the major search engines. Results of the broadcast will be emailed directly to you. There is also an advertising service called Internet Link Exchange. This service is widely used and highly recommended for advertising your web page for FREE! The service requires a banner to be made for, and added to, your page. Then you must fill out linkage forms and send them to the appropriate people. Included in my services are all the steps necessary for adding your page to the Internet Link Exchange.

Once your site is released, I provide details of the internal steps you can take to make your staff, customers, suppliers, and communities aware of your dynamically unique site.


Mission Statement

Web Designs by Starla™ is:
  • Committed to providing a high standard of excellence in service, training and support to you and your staff.
  • Dedicated to maintaining a consistently high level of service to your business and valued clients.
  • Responsible for keeping up to date on all the latest technologies to maintain the high standard of excellence of your pages.
  • Committed to designing web pages that are acceptable to family audiences, are community based, socially responsible and ethically sensitive.

Web Designs by Starla™ does not design any adult orientated sites (pornography), any hate literature, and does not promote alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide or abuse of any kind. I do provide services for agencies who counsel or offer services in the medical and psychological profession or sites with factual information about issues, concerns and therapy related to all health and welfare issues.


Training and Support Services

Web Designs by Starla™ does not stop servicing you after your page is complete. Page maintenance is essential in maintaining your standard of excellence. The appearance of your pages need to be updated regularly and expired links need to be replaced in order to keep up with the marketing competition on the Internet. I will either train you or your staff to properly maintain your page or I will perform regular maintenance duties for a

Web Designs by Starla™ also provides one-on-one or group training seminars. Seminars include training on how to use the email client Eudora, search engines, FTP, and how to browse the WWW. I will also provide web design training as requested.


Web Design Rates

It is not easy to give an accurate estimate/cost without knowing the project. I would encourage you to please contact me via telephone (705) 945-6075 or
email to make an appointment for your free initial consultation. I can answer any questions or concerns you have and we can discuss your Internet needs.

After the initial consultation, we can develop a plan for your web page and discuss the cost of designing, constructing, promoting and maintaining your page.

Unlike other Web Page Designers, I do not have any hidden costs. You will not find any surprises on your bills. Here is a list of costs for Web Designs by Starla™. (Please remember that each business has different needs and costs will vary from business to business).

Web Designs by Starla™ requires a $100.00 deposit to begin work on your page. The balance is due upon completion of your page (completion means that the page is uploaded and running properly on your provider).

Web Designs by Starla™ also offers services to non commercial customers. Please contact me via telephone (705) 945-6075 or email to discuss your personal web page needs.

Web Designs by Starla™ requires a $50.00 deposit to begin work on your page. The balance is due upon completion of your page (completion means that the page is uploaded and running properly on your provider).

Web Designs by Starla™ also creates childrens' pages (ages 3-15) for $30.00 per page.
This cost includes: Web Designs by Starla™ requires full payment upon completion of the child's page (completion means that the page is uploaded and running properly on your provider).


Web Page Examples

There are more examples coming. Please be patient as they are not yet completed.

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